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Orchid Tree Fine Art Print

Orchid Tree Fine Art Print

'Orchid Tree'
Orchid Tree pays particular homage to the delicate five-petalled flower of the Bauhinia blakeana, otherwise known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The distinctive bloom was chosen as Hong Kong’s emblem more than 50 years ago and features on the Hong Kong flag. Always finding time to notice the beauty in nature, Claxton has captured Hong Kong’s Bauhinia blooms translating them through her vision creating detailed larger-than-life flowers in monochrome. This artwork was brought to life using the iPad as a drawing medium and is part of Claxton’s Bauhinia collection.


  • Details

    • This is a digital print of an original digital drawing by Leanne Claxton
    • Each print is signed and numbered
    • Actual Print Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
    • Print Paper Size including 3cm border: 36cm x 48cm
    • Limited Edition: 50
    • Unframed
    • Shipped in an art tube
    • Please note every computer monitor displays colours differently meaning that the true colour of the artwork you receive may vary from the colour on your computer monitor.
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