Flower Children Of the Cosmos 100% profit to Karen Leung Foundation
'Flower Children Of the Cosmos'
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Unframed dimensions: 297mm x 420mm





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Exhibited at The ExrtaOrdinary Exhibition, Soho House, Hong Kong.


Flower Children of the Cosmos" - By Jennifer Cheng Lo and her Children, and Cheng- Lo Family in Collaboration with Leanne Claxton for The Karen Leung Foundation.


This collaboration with Jennifer Cheng Lo’s family including her husband and children Lara, Maximus, and Arabella incorporated their natural artistic ability and creativity with Leanne Claxton’s guidance, talent, and vision for interweaving their family’s world views and philosophies together. 


Listening to some light and by turns, broody background music includes Jennifer’s piano including Chopin, the children and parents used pencil, crayon, watercolour, as well as a variety of styles to express their own stories about creation, life, the human body, STEM, Science, and the overarching Cosmos and its cycles. 


Jennifer used a pencil to sketch a photo of honeysuckles that Leanne had taken at Hong Kong Park (the same place that Jennifer and her husband had taken some pictures together as well as with their friends and family, on their wedding day almost 10 years ago).  Jennifer had fond memories of the smell and taste of Honeysuckle, as bees and butterflies love this flower and also it was native in the New England Region she grew up; often, when hiking with family in nature, she would use honeysuckle for a quick snack, drinking nectar from the tuber as she and her brother Vincent were taught to do.  Jennifer worked on a pencil sketch, colored version, as well as an ink drawing of the honeysuckle as she and Leanne both had their own lenses and periods of life inspiration and memories through which they experienced the Honeysuckle. 

Prior to the several hours of art creation at Harrow’s Art department with Leanne, the family released “Caterfree” a butterfly they had raised as a caterpillar who became a cocoon they watched for the past week. This was a central influence for all of them as well.  The kids not only love pets and animals but have a home garden and an indoor aquaponic one and grow plants, flowers, vegetables, respecting the sustainability of life and the cycle of renewal. 

A nature, animal lover, and a young environmentalist, Lara drew a picture of the cycle of life and pollination depicting a bird, caterpillar, butterfly, a bug amidst flowers, leaves, foliage, branches of a tree, and other elements. 

As a premature baby who did not need extra help and has always been bent on proving himself and his strength as well as a natural Coder and budding talent in STEM, Maximus was focused on the structure of a protein and turning this into art.  He also worked on incorporating “Mr. Bones” a skeleton the children discovered together and had interaction with before deciding to illustrate him as well.  Maximus and Lara decided along with Leanne to include Mr. Bones as a hidden “Easter Egg” in the final compilation of all the work and layers.  Their father worked with them on these elements.


Arabella explored Water and the beautiful cresting waves of the Ocean which is a life force for the whole world.  Human bodies are mostly water, as is our planet, and water is an integral part of life and our central sustenance.  


Having had family and friends pass away from Cancer, as well as investing in BioPharma for Cancer vaccine and therapeutics on behalf of our Family Office and our own legacy, We are so grateful to have a chance to create Art together as a Family for Good and for the benefit of The Karen Leung Foundation.   We look forward to more collaborations to come including adding musical elements to the work and exploring more with the kids’ their artistic sides and confidence in storytelling.

Flower Children Of the Cosmos 100% profit to Karen Leung Foundation

  • Inkjet Digital Print

    Print Dimensions: 297mm x 420mm

    Framed Dimensions: 400mm x 500mm

    Limited Edition: 50


    Unframed - £145

    Framed - £195 (extra shipping cost included in this price)