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British artist and designer Leanne Claxton graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design class of 2006 alongside Mary Katrantzou. Claxton went on to train in Paris under Christian Lacroix where she discovered haute couture and the relationship between art and fashion. Over the last 15 years she has worked as a practicing artist and freelance print designer, exhibiting and collaborating with major brands in London, Paris, Spain, New York, and Hong Kong.

Leanne Claxton began printing her abstract floral designs onto scarves as a way of making her artwork more accessible. Each design starts life as a detailed graphite sketch, which is then interpreted into a traditional oil painting, digital painting, or often a combination of both. Uniting art and fashion as one, she embraces the concept of wrapping the body in vibrant, painted brush strokes. Claxton is an artist with a passion for the outdoors, delighting in natural light, alfresco painting, and the rainbow of colours and intricate details that nature offers. The paintings and accessories she creates are inspired by these elements at home and on her travels.


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